Trading Strategies

Pick up the strategy which suit your goals and stick with it. If the chosen strategy is continuously proving itself as a powerful one, providing profits, you keep trading with it, otherwise make some adjustments.

Scalping trading

Day trading

Swing trading

What is scalping?

If you are searching for the best trading strategy, there is no answer for that. But, you can find the strategy which is the best for your goals. Different strategies suit differently to different traders. This means you need to consider your personality type and future goals when it comes to picking your trading style. Scalping treads are the short-lived trades. They are held open for just a few minutes. A scalper trader seeks to open and close the position in the moment, he thinks he is making the maximum of the profits. It is considered to be one of the most sophisticated and advanced strategies, because the decision needs to be made in a very short period of time. It uses short time frame charts, which are available in the trading platform we are offering.

What is day trading?

This strategy allows the trader to open and close his positions inside one day. This way they are avoiding the costs of the overnight price movements. It is common to find beginner traders who trade based on this strategy. They keep their trades open for a couple of hours, and the timeframes they use to analyze the prices are typically one or two hours long. This strategy suggests to trade near the time the markets close. Traders who choose this strategy become active when the price is settling down by the end of the day. This strategy asks for the studying of the price behavior the previous day. You would speculate on how the price would move based on the past patterns and the indicators used to define it. It is crucial to decide on a set of risk management orders, including stop loss and take profits order to reduce any overnight risk.

Access through this platform ALL assets in the financial market.

News section placed on the same page with the trading environment.

One chart on the screen, 2, 3 or 4 depending on your choice.

Check the graphs along minutes, up to month, and mark your favorite ones.

Free hand to open positions according to the analysis that you make in advance.

A wide range of technical indicators based on mathematical and statistical core concepts.

Choose the right strategy for your trading mentality

If you ask traders which is the best trading strategy, they will give different answers. There is no golden strategy which brings success to all traders. Financial markets are very dynamic, change is the only secure thing, so adapting is crucial. There are plenty of unwritten rules which come with experience and by mistakes.

Keep the strategy simple
Test before real implementation

Swing Trading

Swing trading means that traders open their positions in both cases, when the prices are going up or down. Swing traders go for a buying position when they suspect the market to go up, and open a selling position when they expect the market to go down. This strategy is a very technical approach to analyze markets, it is achieved by studying charts, individual assets movements or group of assets.

These traders keep their positions open for several days, and they tend to profit from short-term price patterns. Swing traders usually check the prices in an hourly or half an hour time frame.