Trading Analysis

Fundamental and technical analysis will extract from the market, what you need to make good decisions. Learn how to apply each of them, and offer yourself what it takes to create a successful trading experience.

Technical Analysis
Chart based

Analysis – News based

Sentiment Analysis
Trader’s risk appetite

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis considers price movements and past patterns they create. It is believed that under the same circumstances, assets behave the same, producing the same trends and patterns. There are three assumptions when it comes to technical analysis: the price of the asset is automatically influenced in economic conditions, interest rate changes influence the buyers and sellers behavior, and trends tend to repeat themselves.

Technical analysis covers a wide range of data and variables, from prices to volume and market capitalization for any asset. It is mainly related to stocks. Its purpose is to bring a taste of the future prices in the present. There are different kinds of charts which need to be analyzed to get the information needed to make a decision. Bar charts, line and candlesticks will provide a wide range of information.

There are also technical indicators, like the most used one, the moving average for different timeframes. There are support and resistance levels, which can be inserted as a line on a chart to show the levels at which the stock price faces a resistance when it is trying to go up, and it is supported to not go lower.

Every asset in the market will be discounted with the time

Technical analysis is based on price movements of the asset, not considering outside factors, since it assumes that all outside factors are already reflected in the price. So, all needed is the examination of the price.

Prices move in trends, and the future price goes after the trend

There are many different techniques to identify the trends, but like weather forecasting, technical analysis doesn’t take into consideration all the possible influencing factors. Instead, technical analysis provides investors with what is likely to happen with the price directions in the future.

History repeats itself. Same circumstances cause the same reactions

The keystone of technical analysis is the idea that history repeats itself. Technical analysis uses historical prices data to forecast the future prices. Charts tend to form certain patterns that tend to repeat under the same market pressure.

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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is referred to differently as trading the news. It is the study of financial events, news and statistics to find out trading opportunities. Traders who base their activity mostly in news and events, are called fundamentalist and they pay attention to interest rates, employment rates and inflation. There are two analyses, top down and bottom-up. The difference is that the top down analysis begins analyzing from macroeconomic factors to end up to those currency pairs which represent potential profits. Button-up analysis starts from analyzing the currency pairs to end up with analyzing macroeconomic factors.

Fundamental analysis is a wide approach to evaluate the performance of a business. When a trader wants to invest his capital in the long run, let’s say 3 up to 5 years, it is very important to know the company in detail and in different points of views. Anyone who has the determination to learn can be a fundamental trader, there is no need to have a strong background in accountability and other related fields. You need to have some fundamental skills: basic knowledge over financial statements, understanding how businesses inside an industry operate and basic mathematical operations.


Inflation is the level at which the prices for goods and services raise. Central banks try to limit the raising rates, in order to keep the economy running safely. They try to do so by hiking the interest rates. When a rate hike is announced, the respective currency is appreciated.


Information from labor markets is presented by non-farm payrolls, which has usually high influence in indices and forex markets. It is released on the first Friday of every month. It shows the total number of paid US workers of any business. Let’s say for example that the non-farm payroll is increasing, this is usually interpreted as the economy is getting stronger and people tend to raise their investing levels.


Gross Domestic Product is a measure of all goods and services produced yearly. Traders and investors look at GDP growth to know if the economy is getting stronger or weaker. When the economy is getting stronger, companies generate higher profits and people generate more money, which eventually lead to a rise in the stock market and a stronger currency.

Sentiment Analysis

Some traders might be expecting a certain asset move for an underlying asset, meanwhile some others might be expecting different results. Even if the circumstances might not be on your side, you can still turn the situation on your favor. What prevents traders by doing so? Well, emotions! Fear, greed, their personality, their courage to take risks.

It can also be described as the overall opinions, views and mood of the public which make in total the market psychology. There is no exact way to measure the public feelings toward financial markets in total or a particular asset, so we cannot say that there is a correct or incorrect way to define sentiment analysis. But, there are other paths which can reflect the overall mood of the traders.