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Multi-assets trading in one-single account

Trade a variety of assets in one single account. Diversify the risk between high volatility assets like Bitcoin and safe haven assets like Gold.

6 Account types

Choose your investing stage among 6 accounts we provide. If you are a beginner go for the starter account, which asks for a $ 250 first investment.

Access through this platform ALL assets in the financial market.

News section placed on the same page with the trading environment.

One chart on the screen, 2, 3 or 4 depending on your choice.

Check the graphs along minutes, up to month, and mark your favorite ones.

Free hand to open positions according to the analysis that you make in advance.

A wide range of technical indicators based on mathematical and statistical core concepts.

Stocks Trading

“Shares represent ownership in a company. When you buy Shares in a company, you own a certain percentage of that company and receive a portion of profits from the company’s earnings. Trading Shares is the most exciting investment opportunity for traders. It offers a wide variety of sectors, industries, and countries to choose from.

When you trade Shares at Profityfy you speculate on the underlying Share price movement, without owing the Shares. This means you can trade via Spread betting or CFD trading account and can open both Buy and Sell positions on a stock, for more significant trading opportunities. From traders experience, it is easier for you to trade the shares of big companies by stocks CFD instead of trading them traditionally.

It would be very exciting for you to enter the financial market by trading stocks of companies online. This is a market with plenty of choices when it comes to global shares. At Profityfy, we provide our clients with access to over 100+ stocks from the largest companies in the world.

Trading through CFDs does not make the owner of the stocks, so you are not purchasing a particular asset, simply making a prediction related to the direction of the price move. As a result, trading stocks CFD trading through various exchanges including NASDAQ, NYSE, is now in reach. Let’s emphasize here that while trading CFDs, you do not need to worry about fees or commissions associated with traditional stock trading.