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Digital Currencies Trading

Digital currencies can be traded against other currencies in pair, such as Bitcoin against EUR, or USD. Profityfy offers a variety of digital currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and many others. Bitcoin is the first created decentralized digital currency and the market’s most valuable coin.

Bitcoin Cash is the result of the first “hard fork” in Bitcoins original chain, created to increase the block size. Ethereum is a different, more ambitious project created to fundamentally change the way the internet works. Litecoin is designed for cross-border payments and has faster transaction time than competitors. Ripple is created to offer instant, certain and low-cost international payments.

When trading in the digital currencies market, there are two options. You can buy actual digital coins or can trade digital currencies CFDs, without owning the underlying asset. We recommend you not to buy the asset but trade on the movement of the currency price as it rises and falls.

Digital currencies CFDs are very complicated and highly risky financial products. This market is extremely volatile and subject to significant price fluctuations, so be careful while trading. Trading digital currencies CFDs are not regulated under any EU framework. To trade CFDs on digital currencies, you have to make sure you have proper knowledge and experience. Be careful because these financial instruments are not suitable for all traders.